Greetings from Green Woods Stables RV Park

An equestrian experience provided by equestrian experts.

A Brief History of Humble Beginnings. 

What would eventually become Green Woods Stables was first farmland and field. Purchased by a Croatian Biloxi family in 1960, it quickly grew into a stable with RV sites. Within the family, the land continued to become a place of equestrian life and farmstead beauty. The daughter, Mary Parish, has since been the owner and face of Green Woods Stables since its commercial expansion in 2000.

Meet Mary Parrish: Owner of Green Woods Stables RV Park

She makes it all happen each and every day! Mary Greenwood Parrish is from an old Croatian Biloxi Family that began the Green Woods Stables in 1960. She graduated from St. Martin High  

School and is accredited with a Bachelor of Science from the University of Southern Mississippi. Since her graduation from college, she has successfully maintained self-employment and enjoys caring for the public’s needs.

Mary Parrish also known as Mary Jane, has never met a stranger and loves being in social environment. She loves working with children as well as adults. Although The Green Woods Stables has been in her family since 1960, she did not move back to her home until 2000, when the stable was commercially established. She is the mother of two successful children and grandmother of three beautiful grandchildren.  

Equestrian, Caretaker, Powerhouse 

Parrish has 40 +years of experience in horse care, training, and riding as well as a knack for barrel racing. Without her, there would be no Green Woods Stables. She takes fabulous care of our beloved four-legged friends each and every day. She provides top-of-the-line care to each and every horse no matter what the situation is.  She oversees all barn chores by the barn hands and helpers.  

Mary makes sure Green Woods Stables is in the best possible condition at all times. She makes sure all horses are fed morning and night. She is our powerhouse & we cherish her! 

Pastoral Views and Farmhouse Charm

The Countryside is Calling… 

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